I'm Imogen - the photographer behind Lunar Photography.


Photos have always been a valued part of my life.

I lost my mum when I was 13, and without them I wouldn't remember much of her at all. Having photos allows me to relive those precious moments with my mum, and I want the same for my clients with their horses & dogs.


I've ridden horses since I was a little girl - they have always been a huge part of my life. I even used to work as a freelance horse rider when I was 18, and produced my own horse from a 3 year old up to Novice level eventing.


I sold him back in 2019, and never even knew you could have a photoshoot with your horse at the time. I've got loads of photos of us tackling the cross country, but none that truly show our bond at home. 

I will always regret that. 


I've got two lively little Jack Russells, Charlie & Albert.

Taking a photo of Charlie with all 4 paws off the floor (purely by accident) sparked a passionate fire inside me to start dog photography back in March 2019, and I've been hooked ever since. Naturally due to my love of horses, my passion spread into Equine photography too.


After living in South Africa for 6 years through my teenage years, I'm inspired by the vibrant colours of nature, and the warmth of the African climate and its people which is why my photography style is warm & vibrant, too. 


Everything you see in my work is real.

Your relationship with your horse & dog is perfect the way it is, and to me it doesn't need huge amounts of editing. For this reason, I don't use photoshop, and you will be left with natural, timeless images that you will love for years to come. 


It's important to me you get your images printed and displayed in places where your memories can be constantly reignited, so I always encourage my lovely clients to have frames & albums instead of just digital files that will be left on a hardrive gathering dust. 


Photoshoots are a fun way to capture those precious memories - so let's talk about how your dream photoshoot looks for you, and start creating those beautiful, unique pieces that will be a constant reminder of happy times.


Imogen xx



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