Beth & Etse - An Equine Photo Shoot with Lunar Photography, Derbyshire

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Beth & Etse


Beth & Etse (116)Beth & Etse (116)


You may have seen my write up about my photo shoot with Beth and her dog walking and training business "Carlen's Companions"... Whilst I was down in London for her branding photo shoot, we decided it would be a nice idea to photograph her and her horse, Etse, too. 


Etse has an amazing story, he is a retired carriage horse, and has pulled funeral, wedding and show carriages. It was a serious treat as Beth was very kind and showed me all the carriages they had at the yard once we had finished our photos. They were amazing, there were some really old ones in the barn and it was really amazing to see.


Beth & Etse (81)Beth & Etse (81)


It was one of the hottest days of the year when we did her photo shoot - we did the dogs early so they didn't get too warm, which meant we ended up doing her & Etse at about 11am. I wouldn't normally do a photo shoot at this time, and in those really warm conditions, but because I was down for the day it wasn't easy to pop back, so we just went with it!

We managed to get some of her on the ground, and some ridden photos to finish off with. 


I always ask my clients "What is the one thing that springs to mind when you think of your horse?", and she said his angel wings. Bless him, in his older age he has started going grey on his forehead, and the grey hairs are growing in the shape of two angel wings.






Here's some from the day...



Beth & Etse (77)Beth & Etse (77)


Beth & Etse (109)Beth & Etse (109)


Beth & Etse (202)Beth & Etse (202)


Beth & Etse (4)Beth & Etse (4)


Beth & Etse (104)Beth & Etse (104)


Beth & Etse (98)Beth & Etse (98)









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