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How To Make The Most Of Your Photo Shoot


Lunar Photography Equine Photographer Derbyshire Equine Portfolio (30)Lunar Photography Equine Photographer Derbyshire Equine Portfolio (30)


You've taken the leap! You've put your deposit down, and you're super excited for this incredible, once in a lifetime experience. So how can you make sure you make the most out of your photo shoot? I've got a few hints and tips for you below.


Have a look at other equine/dog photo shoot photos.

I'll always ask you if there is a particular image you want - whether it's a black background shot of your horse, or you cantering bareback through a field, or maybe your dog with all four paws off the floor - it's worth doing a bit of internet digging to see if any type of image calls out to you. You can look at Pinterest, or just scroll through my instagram feed or my website to get a feel of poses, and photos that I can produce for you. Let me know what you have in mind, then we can have a chat about how we can achieve just what you're looking for!


Make the most of your outfit changes!

You can have up to 3 different outfits during your photo shoot - it's so important to make the most of these because it really gives a great variety to your final gallery. I usually say pick something casual, smart/casual and something smart, but if you don't know, bring lots of different items of clothing and we can choose together! It's all part of the fun! Again, this is something we can have a chat about in our pre-photo shoot phone call!


REDONE (204)REDONE (204)


Preparation is key!

Spend a bit of time cleaning your tack and any leather items the day before! Having clean tack during your photo shoot gives that extra sparkle to the final gallery. Same goes for your horse, too. No one wants photos with a poobald!

If it's winter and they're clipped, don't clip any closer than a week before your photo shoot, this stops those clipper lines being visible in the photos!


If you're having a dog photo shoot, make sure their coat is brushed and they're also clean, if they love getting muddy out on the photo shoot then I'll be there to capture that part of their personality!

Make sure your hair and nails are clean - the devil is in the details!


Invite your friends/family!

The more people the merrier in my eyes! You're more than welcome to invite friends/family along to join in your photo shoot, too. Just let me know how many people I can expect. Extra horses and dogs are welcome as well.


ASHTON (120)ASHTON (120)


Enjoy it!

I know your horse and dog aren't a robot! I'm not expecting them to be statues and perfectly behaved. The whole point of the photo shoot is to capture their true personality, so don't stress if your horse doesn't want to stand still, or your dog would rather chase a squirrel! It's fine, we will still get gorgeous photos!


Share your photos everywhere!

Tell everyone what a great time you had, and let the world see you and your dog and horse in all your glory! You're welcome to share your digital files on social media! Your frame will be ready to hang on the wall when you receive it, so make sure you put it up for everyone to see. You are also welcome to share your gallery password and link with friends and family, so they can all see your photos, too!


I can't wait to meet you and your horse and dog - and if you haven't booked in yet, take a look at my packages below, or drop me a message and I'll give you a call.







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