Derby College Equestrian Talk December 2020 - Lunar Photography, Derbyshire

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I still can't believe they asked me to do this...

The lovely Sally at Derby College EC asked little old me to go and give the lovely level 3 students at Derby College Equestrian Center a talk all about my photography business and how I got to where I am now. 


I'm not going to lie, I haven't "spoken" in front of people since school, and the thought of doing it was absolutely terrifying, BUT I really wanted to do it. There's something about managing to do something that scares me that gives me such a buzz. Although to some people it seems easy enough to talk in front of 40+ students and teachers, it's not something that sits in my comfort zone.


Derby College (42)Derby College (42)


It's not often I get asked about my story... From vaulting to eventing to photography, and lots and lots in between... Essentially I am a self taught Equine and dog photographer, and only recently have I invested in myself to help me learn how to be better at "business" and "marketing". This suddenly dawned on me after I'd spoken. The first 18 months of my business I have basically been winging it, learning everything I can for free, and look where it's got me! It's amazing what a bit of hard work and determination can do! And I'm really proud of how far I've come.


Derby College (29)Derby College (29)


It was a real pleasure sharing everything with them, and the bonus was that they each had a quick 10 minute photo session with the college horses (though some of them bought their own horses in!) afterwards. 

It was a really miserable day, so we ended up working in the indoor, which in itself was a massive challenge for me, as I've never taken photos in an indoor arena before - certainly not portrait shots! 


So here's some of the photos from the day... The support from the students afterwards was completely overwhelming... And I managed to get through something that scared the hell out of me without choking, vomiting or swearing (bonus!)...


Derby College (178)Derby College (178)


Derby College (7)Derby College (7)


Derby College (151)Derby College (151)


Derby College (111)Derby College (111)



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