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High Res Vs Low Res


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This is something you will see a lot when it comes to photographers, so I thought I'd explain the difference.


High Res


High Res files are often larger file sizes, they're full quality that is the same as the file taken straight on the camera, most likely edited by the photographer to a degree.

When you buy a high res file from me, it's more expensive (mine are £20 each) because you're also buying the license to print this photo off yourself. It's worth mentioning though that if you do this, you're responsible for the quality of the final print. Us photographers have access to printing labs that the general public don't, and this generally means the quality is much better than if you got it printed cheap somewhere such as snapfish.


Please note, this doesn't give you permission to change that image in any way, that includes cropping, or turning it into black and white.
You wouldn't buy a painting from an artist and then add your own bit of paint to it, would you? Same goes for photos, it's our work and you can't just edit it (yes that includes instagram filters!) without permission first. If you do this, you may be asked to take it down, or charged again for that photo. We take so much pride in our work, and our style, and slapping an instagram filter on one of our photos is actually really offensive, and it makes us feel like you don't like it.


Most photographers are happy to work with you if you want an image cropping a certain way, or turning into black and white. I am more than happy to help with anything like this. The same applies to low-res images.


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Low Res


Low res files normally look the same, but the file size has been compressed, and therefore the quality. You'll often find they're prefect for sharing on social media etc, but if you tried to print them they would be blurry - these are also much cheaper (mine are £5 for example), so you are not buying the license to print them yourself.

My low res files also come with a little watermark on them in a bottom corner, too. 


It's probably worth mentioning here that all my prints come with a free low res file, so you can have the print and you can share it on social media. 


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