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5 Quick Tips To Help You Take Amazing Dog Photos




We all take photos of our dogs. We love sharing their little fury personalities on social media for everyone to see. So here’s some tips to make your photos even better when you’re trying to capture them at home:


1.Focus on the eyes
"Eyes are the window to the soul" and being able to see your dogs eyes helps the photo to tell a story.

2. Use a plain background

Keeping a plain or basic background means all the focus is on your wonderful dog!


3.Use natural light
Taking a picture next to a natural light source can really enhance a picture, so if you're inside, sit your dog next to a window, or if you're outside, make sure your dog is facing the sun so there's no shadows on their face, or entirely in shade so the light isn’t dappled.


CHASE (42)CHASE (42)

4. Get low!
Taking a photo at doggie eye level gives a really great perspective! It lets you see the world from your dogs point of view and this gives photos an extra wow factor.



5. Use noises to get the expression
We all love it when our dogs tilt their head, have their ears pricked and their eyes looking straight at us. A little trick I use to get them looking at the camera is making a funny noise just as I snap the photo. Get creative; some noises make our dogs more curious than others! You can even try a squeaker from a toy.



Give these tips a go. If you've got any questions about dog photography, leave them in the comments below. 






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