Ella & Pip - An Equine Beach Photoshoot with Lunar Photography, Derbyshire

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Ella & Pip


Ella & Pip 63Ella & Pip 63


Another pair I've been following on instagram for a while. I love Pip, she is the sweetest mare ever, and I'm a sucker for a grey Connie!


We did our photoshoot on Mogg's Eye Beach in Lincolnshire, this was a first for me, and I usually  photograph at yard so this was certainly a new challenge. 

We were blessed with a beautiful calm overcast day in the middle of September, and we had loads of fun. Pip found it extremely exciting going to the beach for the first time, at first she was convinced there were sharks in the sea, so we started off in the dunes and slowly worked out way back to the waves. Towards the end she had settled and they managed to have a canter on the edge of the sea. 



Ella & Pip 97Ella & Pip 97


"I was a bit nervous and I was worried how my pony would behave as it was a completely new environment, but it went well! Imogen was very calm and made me feel relaxed even if Pip wasn’t overly cooperative.

A lot of my friends on the yard had photos with Imogen, and the photos from my own photoshoot turned out to be everything I wanted and more. My favourite part was galloping along the beach, and I feel so emotional (in a good way) when I look back at my photos."


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Here are some more from that day...


Ella & Pip 100Ella & Pip 100


Ella & Pip 22Ella & Pip 22
Ella & Pip 65Ella & Pip 65 Ella & Pip 53Ella & Pip 53 Ella & Pip 33Ella & Pip 33 Ella & Pip 87Ella & Pip 87 Ella & Pip 48Ella & Pip 48 Ella & Pip 81Ella & Pip 81 Ella & Pip 104Ella & Pip 104 Ella & Pip 79Ella & Pip 79 Ella & Pip 99Ella & Pip 99 Ella & Pip 3Ella & Pip 3 Ella & Pip 83Ella & Pip 83 Ella & Pip 69Ella & Pip 69

Ella & Pip 14Ella & Pip 14
Ella & Pip 54Ella & Pip 54 Ella & Pip 57Ella & Pip 57 Ella & Pip 24Ella & Pip 24 Ella & Pip 115Ella & Pip 115 Ella & Pip 103Ella & Pip 103




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