Michelle & Family - An Equine & Dog Photoshoot with Lunar Photography, Derbyshire

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Michelle & Family


Michelle & Family 114Michelle & Family 114


When you're greeted by a lovely little sausage dog & springer spaniel, I think you know it's going to be a wonderful photo shoot!

Michelle & Brian wanted some photos of their dogs, Luna & Darcy, and their 4 horses, Josh, Raz, Alby & Izzy. They have a beautiful set up with the horses just outside the back door, and it really was a pleasure spending time with them all.


Michelle & Family 85Michelle & Family 85 Michelle & Family 80Michelle & Family 80


"Before our photoshoot I felt a little apprehensive as neither me or my husband are particularly photogenic! I saw the amazing photos from a friends photoshoot with Imogen and they looked so natural, not staged like a lot of photoshoots, which is why I chose to have a photoshoot with her.

The photoshoot went brilliantly. Imogen is a natural with the dogs and horses and made us all feel at ease.
My favourite part of the shoot was getting the horses stood all together with us as its a picture I've always wanted. The photos were better than I could have hoped for - I was surprised just how many Imogen managed to get!

I would definitely have a photoshoot with Imogen again!"


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