Katie & Desi - An Equine Photoshoot with Lunar Photography, Derbyshire

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Katie & Desi


Katie & Desi 37Katie & Desi 37


Katie wanted a large image to go up in her bedroom with her & Desi in normal clothes as she didn't have any mementos of them both together like this.

I think often we forget about capturing those special moments behind the scenes & although we have loads of photos with our horses out competing, we don't have many quality ones that capture those precious moments away from the pressure and stress of a competition. 

I love creating things that I know are going to allow a client to relive those precious moments over and over again for years to come, and a huge frame ready to hang does just that!


Katie & Desi 6Katie & Desi 6


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I've known Katie & Desi for a while as they attend a local riding club that I photograph for throughout the summer. They regularly compete in Dressage, and at the time of our photoshoot, Desi was in rehab for a recent injury that unfortunately meant they had to take some time out from competitions.


They stable on a beautiful old dairy farm not far from me in Derbyshire, and we were blessed with a beautiful evening and sunset to finish off. 


When I asked Katie what her dream photo was, she said she really wanted one of her on Desi bareback, in the red dress that she had brought with her. 


Katie & Desi 57Katie & Desi 57



"I booked a photoshoot because I wanted to have some momento photos with my horse as we were going through some worrying times with vet visits. Imogen always provides a very friendly service, I had spoken to her a few times at competitions and she has always been very friendly and inviting.

Imogen made everything feel very comfortable and natural. The photos and quality of service were worth every penny and there memories I will be able to always treasure.
The whole thing was very relaxed, I’m not normally one to have my photo taken but Imogen provided me with the confidence to do so. She even knew all the best locations to have the most perfect photos taken!

My favourite part was receiving my images and seeing the beautiful photos that she captured - they capture Desi in the most perfect way!"



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Here are some more from that evening...


Katie & Desi 83Katie & Desi 83 Katie & Desi 35Katie & Desi 35 Katie & Desi 69Katie & Desi 69 Katie & Desi 33Katie & Desi 33 Katie & Desi 86Katie & Desi 86 Katie & Desi 43Katie & Desi 43 Katie & Desi 71Katie & Desi 71


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