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Dog theft in the UK has risen by a massive 250% in 2020... due to lockdown, more people were at home and getting dogs, which is considered to be the main contributing factor.


Did you know that...

50% of dogs are stolen from gardens.

19% are taken from breaking into homes.

16% are taken from owners whilst out walking.

7% are taken when left outside of shops.


So here's some tips for you, to make sure you're doing everything you can to make sure your precious fur baby is safe wherever you go!


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Don't leave your dog unattended in a car, garden, or outside a shop.
Download the What3Words location system.
Don't post pictures of your dogs online with information about them (unless your dog has been stolen!)
Make sure your dog his microchipped & wearing ID.
Never leave windows or gates open when your dog is home alone.
Invest in a ring doorbell or cameras.


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Don't think your dog will not be targeted... ALL breeds are at risk, especially if they look like an easy target.
Walk in pairs or groups.
Be wary of anything unusual: People, noises, vehicles - especially at night.
Talk to other owners and create a local community/whatsapp group.
Always make sure your phone is charged.
Don't walk with headphones in.


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Make sure your lead is safe... no frays & can't be easily cut.
Have anti-theft deterrents to hand and on outside pockets. Inside your coat or bag can cost you precious seconds.
Be aware of everything... by doing this you'll give yourself more time to react & get out of the situation.
Vary your walks, timings & locations. Always let someone know where and for how long you're going.
If you feel uncomfortable, call your dog back.


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Do not give out any information about your dog.
If your dog doesn't like strangers/being caught, let them off the lead! It might mean you struggle to catch them afterwards, but at least they're coming home with you!
If your dog is friendly, pop them back on their lead. This prevents them being lured away with food, toys or attention. Keep them close to you, and get out of the situation.
Do not turn your back, keep facing them and back away slowly.
Get home as quickly as possible.




Call 999
Shout and raise the alarm if safe to do so, as soon as the individual is out of range of hurting you.
If possible, get a photo/video of the individual, vehicle and area.
Write down all the details as soon as possible.


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Ask people you trust for recommendations.
Ask professionals for references.
Ask about picking up/dropping off protocols.
Ask about what they post on their page - make sure they don't use exact locations.




Ask for a pet care window minimum of 1.5 hours, this makes it unpredictable for anyone trying to target your pet, and removes routine.



For more information about how you can prevent dog theft, and what to do if the situation arises, visit



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