Maisy & Havana - An Equine Photo Shoot with Lunar Photography, Derbyshire

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Maisy & Havana


Maisy & Havanna56Maisy & Havanna56


Maisy was gifted her photo shoot from her dad for a Christmas present last year. I have been following them on instagram for a while, she has the most gorgeous big grey mare called Havana. She's an Irish Sport Horse, and they've been doing lots of eventing together.


Maisy competes Havana at BE novice, they make it look really easy, which is hardly surprising after seeing their incredible partnership. 

We did our photo shoot in Shipley Park, it was a fairly cloudy evening with the sun bursting through the cloud just towards the end of the photo shoot. 

We got stopped in the park so many times from people complementing on how gorgeous Havana is, and she was such a pleasure to photograph... 99% of the photos I took of her she had her ears forward!


Maisy & Havanna28Maisy & Havanna28


"Before my photo shoot I was a bit nervous as I wasn’t sure if the photos would be great because the weather wasn’t perfect, but I love every single photo Imogen took, the lighting is perfect despite the weather not being bright and she managed to capture Havana’s personality perfectly and our bond.

Imogen and I had such a good conversation and she had so many creative ideas. I didn’t feel any pressure or nerves to look perfect the first time round as Imogen took so many photos from so many angles. I admire Imogen enthusiasm for getting the perfect shot even if it means jumping in bushes!

The best part was seeing the photos afterwards! I was so excited and they were much better than I thought they would be! 

My mum and I are still arguing over who gets the biggest print! My entire family love them and they’re just so perfect, I’m really pleased with my photos.
I would definitely have another photo shoot with Imogen and recommend her to others."




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Here's some more from that evening...



Maisy & Havanna103Maisy & Havanna103


Maisy & Havanna100Maisy & Havanna100


Maisy & Havanna80Maisy & Havanna80


Maisy & Havanna38Maisy & Havanna38


Maisy & Havanna88Maisy & Havanna88


Maisy & Havanna34Maisy & Havanna34


Maisy & Havanna36Maisy & Havanna36


Maisy & Havanna2Maisy & Havanna2


Maisy & Havanna30Maisy & Havanna30




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