Idyllwild Horsemanship - A Business Photo Shoot With Lunar Photography, Derbyshire

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Idyllwild Horsemanship


Idyllwild Horsemanship 100-minIdyllwild Horsemanship 100-min


Kim from Idyllwild horsemanship booked a photo shoot with me for her lovely nottinghamshire based business in May. She wanted some professional imagery for her marketing materials and social media channels.

Kim coaches natural horsemanship, with a mission to help horses and their people form harmonious and balanced relationships. It was a real privilege watching her work her lovely horse Snoox for the photos - Watching a horse and rider work together with no bridle and saddle always amazes me. Kim has worked in 3 different continents, and has a great deal of experience with all sorts of horses.

Kim also rides Western style - which is a first for me photography wise! The tack is just beautiful and as a whole it was just a really enjoyable experience for me. 

We finished off taking some photos of her gorgeous little dog Mavis, who was really good fun and very cute!


Idyllwild Horsemanship 208-minIdyllwild Horsemanship 208-min



"I booked a business photo shoot with Imogen after I saw all the lovely reviews about her, and her gorgeous photos on instagram. I was worried about the investment but I’m funny with money anyway, and also worried about the weather! Now I’m absolutely satisfied re. The investment, really pleased with the service and my photos!

The photo shoot went really well. Imogen was professional and had a lovely relaxed attitude, she was brilliant around my horse and lovely with my dog! I felt completely at ease and was able to work through the very large list of things I wanted to get photographed with a relaxed attitude, my horse worked really well and I was really happy with how much we got done!


Idyllwild Horsemanship 38-minIdyllwild Horsemanship 38-min


I am SO happy with all of the photos, some of them blew my mind they were so gorgeous. I’m really happy with the package I ordered and now have enough content for my business social media for at least a year!

I love them and already posting these photos has helped up my social media traffic, I’m so happy to have professional and meaningful photos on there. Also there’s a few personal ones I can’t wait to put on my wall!

I am so happy with my images and I will be booking again next year!"



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Here's some more photos from our photo shoot...



Idyllwild Horsemanship 191-minIdyllwild Horsemanship 191-min


Idyllwild Horsemanship 148-minIdyllwild Horsemanship 148-min


Idyllwild Horsemanship 115-minIdyllwild Horsemanship 115-min


Idyllwild Horsemanship 8-minIdyllwild Horsemanship 8-min


Idyllwild Horsemanship 182-minIdyllwild Horsemanship 182-min


Idyllwild Horsemanship 201-minIdyllwild Horsemanship 201-min


Idyllwild Horsemanship 193-minIdyllwild Horsemanship 193-min


Idyllwild Horsemanship 51-minIdyllwild Horsemanship 51-min


Idyllwild Horsemanship 81-minIdyllwild Horsemanship 81-min




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You can find out more about Kim by clicking here.




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