Shireen, Jazz, Pie & Arty - An Equine Photoshoot with Lunar Photography, Derbyshire

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Shireen, Jazz, Pie & Arty

Shireen, Jazz, Arty & Pie-74Shireen, Jazz, Arty & Pie-74


I have been photographing at Shireen's clinics for the last year or so now, so it was lovely to go to her yard and see behind the scenes and meet her lovely two horses & dog.


Jazz & Pie are both thoroughbreds, and in Shireen's words, a little "spicy"! Arty, her lovely dog, gacve us the best zoomies display I could wish for, and was a pleasure to photograph, too. 


Shireen is based at a gorgeous yard in Collingham, Nottinghamshire, and boy were were blessed with a stunning evening!


Shireen, Jazz, Arty & Pie-98Shireen, Jazz, Arty & Pie-98



"Before my photo shoot I was quite excited and a little nervous I’ve wanted to book one for ages! 
When I started running clinics there was only one name on my list of people I wanted as my photographer, after seeing the photos from those I knew she was the person I wanted to photograph me and the boys. I really wanted someone who could capture our bond and deal with our spiciness.

The whole process in the build up was really calming and informative and I knew that Imogen would take gorgeous photos of the boys and the dog. I was mainly worried about how I would look!

The whole photo shoot was amazing! We had great laughs, and Imogen took some beautiful photos that I didn’t even realise she was taking. Part of the reason I chose her is because I knew there would be no forced posing. Because the photos were so natural and candid they caught the exact vibe that I had in my head and the results were just amazing!


Shireen, Jazz, Arty & Pie-78Shireen, Jazz, Arty & Pie-78


My favourite part was riding jazz bareback and the dog trying to run Imogen over! Also actually seeing the finished product, that was amazing.

The result is the most dreamy perfect magical photos I could have ever imagined and it’s like they’ve been taken right out of my head. I love them so much, I never thought that they could be so perfect! I really enjoyed the whole process from start to finish and I’m so glad I booked it!

The photos are incredible! I would never in a million years have expected them to come out like that. You made me look amazing and the boys are just perfect. I’m so glad you captured these moments. I would definitely book another photo shoot with Imogen, I'm thinking one in winter in the snow..."


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Here are some more from that evening...


Shireen, Jazz, Arty & Pie-82Shireen, Jazz, Arty & Pie-82








Shireen, Jazz, Arty & Pie-33Shireen, Jazz, Arty & Pie-33


Shireen, Jazz, Arty & Pie-43Shireen, Jazz, Arty & Pie-43


Shireen, Jazz, Arty & Pie-55Shireen, Jazz, Arty & Pie-55


Shireen, Jazz, Arty & Pie-64Shireen, Jazz, Arty & Pie-64


Shireen, Jazz, Arty & Pie-15Shireen, Jazz, Arty & Pie-15


Shireen, Jazz, Arty & Pie-86Shireen, Jazz, Arty & Pie-86


Shireen, Jazz, Arty & Pie-112Shireen, Jazz, Arty & Pie-112


Shireen, Jazz, Arty & Pie-108Shireen, Jazz, Arty & Pie-108


Shireen, Jazz, Arty & Pie-99Shireen, Jazz, Arty & Pie-99


Shireen, Jazz, Arty & Pie-82Shireen, Jazz, Arty & Pie-82


Shireen, Jazz, Arty & Pie-120Shireen, Jazz, Arty & Pie-120


Shireen, Jazz, Arty & Pie-48Shireen, Jazz, Arty & Pie-48


Shireen, Jazz, Arty & Pie-10Shireen, Jazz, Arty & Pie-10


Shireen, Jazz, Arty & Pie-62Shireen, Jazz, Arty & Pie-62






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