Katy & Ginny - An Equine Photo Shoot with Lunar Photography, Derbyshire

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Katy & Ginny


Katy & Ginny 60Katy & Ginny 60


Katy has had her lovely little new forest pony for 14 years now, and she'd always wanted to do a photo shoot. Ginny is stabled at a lovely quiet yard on the edge of the Peak District, and again we were blessed with a lovely evening after it threatened to rain all week!

I loved this photo shoot so much... Katy made three amazing outfit choices, and their bond is so strong, it really shines through in the final images. They were both an absolute pleasure to work with.


I really struggled to narrow down the photo selection for this blog post so you'll have to excuse the amount of photos - I honestly love them all!


Katy & Ginny 67Katy & Ginny 67


"I was a little apprehensive prior to the photoshoot as the forecast wasn’t great and I was worried this would affect the photos. I was also worried as my pony can be a little uncooperative when it comes to affection so I didn’t think I would get any cuddly photos with her.
Imogen was very reassuring throughout the process and I’m so glad we went ahead as the sun came out and Imogen captured our special bond and understanding perfectly.

I really enjoyed the whole experience! Imogen was absolutely amazing at finding the perfect photo spots on the yard and was so creative throughout! I felt really confident and the photos felt very natural and there was lots of laughter throughout.


Katy & Ginny 6Katy & Ginny 6


My favourite part was being able to wear a dress and canter up the fields with the wind in my hair and to know it was being captured by Imogen was even better! I also loved how natural it felt and how much Ginny seemed to enjoy it too!
The photos were honestly amazing! I loved every single one and they exceeded all expectations!


The photos make me so happy and emotional at the same time! I really think you can see in the pictures how much I adore her and the bond we have. My photo shoot was worth every penny and I will treasure the photos forever."





Would you love to capture some precious memories with your childhood pony?






Here are some more from that evening...


Katy & Ginny 10Katy & Ginny 10

Katy & Ginny 78Katy & Ginny 78

Katy & Ginny 7Katy & Ginny 7
Katy & Ginny 59Katy & Ginny 59 Katy & Ginny 53Katy & Ginny 53 Katy & Ginny 74Katy & Ginny 74 Katy & Ginny 33Katy & Ginny 33
Katy & Ginny 86Katy & Ginny 86

Katy & Ginny 16Katy & Ginny 16
Katy & Ginny 37Katy & Ginny 37 Katy & Ginny 44Katy & Ginny 44

Katy & Ginny 11Katy & Ginny 11
Katy & Ginny 51Katy & Ginny 51 Katy & Ginny 71Katy & Ginny 71 Katy & Ginny 82Katy & Ginny 82 Katy & Ginny 4Katy & Ginny 4







Would you love to capture some precious memories with your childhood pony?









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