Leigh-Anne & Chloe - An Equine Photo Shoot With Lunar Photography, Derbyshire

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Leigh-Anne, Chloe & Family


Leigh-Ann Archie & Teddy 23Leigh-Ann Archie & Teddy 23


I know this lovely family through photographing at Springwood show, so we got our photo shoot booked in for Leigh-Ann's birthday, and we also squeezed some photos in of Chloe and her two lovely ponies whilst I was there. 


Leigh-Ann has got two lovely cob, Archie & Teddy, and Chloe's two ponies are called Patsy & Rosie. 


It was a lovely summer's evening at their yard, we had a really lovely relaxed evening making some lovely memories for them to cherish together. 


Leigh-Ann Archie & Teddy 48Leigh-Ann Archie & Teddy 48


"I've always wanted a photo shoot, and Imogen always captured lovely photos at our local show. Before the photo shoot I can honestly say I was nervous, as it was something I have always wanted to do. I was worried the photos might not have been what I wanted but they are amazing, and I absolutely love them and exceeded my expectations!

I loved the whole day, spending time with my horses and capturing moments that are truly natural and not posed. I just love the emotional connection I have and that can be seen within my photos. I enjoyed the outfit changes, and I also enjoyed the laughs we had and it was lovely and relaxed I was rushed which is great.

The photo shoot was way over my expectations. I love the photos and I will treasure them forever. Imogen even came back a few days later to capture a few black background photos of my horses that I forgot to ask for which really made my day! 

My photo shoot was absolutely worth the investment, the photos make me feel so emotional and happy, and there's no price on memories that will last forever."




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Here are some more from that evening...


Leigh-Ann Archie & Teddy 67Leigh-Ann Archie & Teddy 67 Chloe, Patsy & Rosie 44Chloe, Patsy & Rosie 44 Chloe, Patsy & Rosie 53Chloe, Patsy & Rosie 53 Leigh-Ann Archie & Teddy 2Leigh-Ann Archie & Teddy 2 Leigh-Ann Archie & Teddy 54Leigh-Ann Archie & Teddy 54 Chloe, Patsy & Rosie 49Chloe, Patsy & Rosie 49 Chloe, Patsy & Rosie 19Chloe, Patsy & Rosie 19 Chloe, Patsy & Rosie 16Chloe, Patsy & Rosie 16 Chloe, Patsy & Rosie 94Chloe, Patsy & Rosie 94 Chloe, Patsy & Rosie 48Chloe, Patsy & Rosie 48 Chloe, Patsy & Rosie 33Chloe, Patsy & Rosie 33


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