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Behind The Scenes Of An Equine Photoshoot



I wanted to show you a little camera magic on the blog this week.

I got to go and visit my sponsored rider, Beth and her new pony, Dibble, last week.

I love visiting my sponsored girls, it's so nice to catch up with them and it also gives me a chance to capture some behind the scenes stuff. 


So I wanted to share the difference between what you see, and what I see through my camera. 

The first image below is taken on a phone, and the ones after are the results from my camera. We just used this little grass area with a tree, it was also pretty cold and the middle of winter, which just goes to show how you can get beautiful photos at this time of year, too.

We started off doing some standing shots, and then I got Beth to walk slowly down the track towards me with Dibble.


06436484-012E-47AD-9941-8142159F30A706436484-012E-47AD-9941-8142159F30A7 Beth & Dibble-8Beth & Dibble-8 Beth & Dibble-5Beth & Dibble-5 Beth & Dibble-16Beth & Dibble-16 Beth & Dibble-29Beth & Dibble-29 Beth & Dibble-26Beth & Dibble-26



The next location we used was another track in a different area of the yard. It's a beautiful walkway with oak trees lining one side, and a sheep field on the other. 

Again, I got Beth & Dibble to walk slowly towards me and then I took some of them stood still on the same track, 



023D2B05-C386-4C68-A4BF-E348CE3128D8023D2B05-C386-4C68-A4BF-E348CE3128D8 Beth & Dibble-66Beth & Dibble-66 Beth & Dibble-67Beth & Dibble-67 Beth & Dibble-69Beth & Dibble-69 Beth & Dibble-72Beth & Dibble-72


It's amazing what a little camera magic can do, and I hope this gives you a little insight into what it's like behind the scenes on a photoshoot with me. 



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