The Limited Edition Dog Day - Lunar Photography, Dog Photographer In Derbyshire

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The Limited Edition Dog Day

Freddie Faves7Freddie Faves7


I held a limited edition dog day back in October last year, and I had lots of lovely dogs to photograph. The limited edition sessions are "mini" or shorter sessions I hold throughout the year that give you a little taste of what it's like to work with me for a more affordable price. A lot of my lovely limited edition clients go on to book full sessions at a later date so they can get the full experience, too.


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Here are some of the images from the day of all the wonderful dogs I got to work with...


Zeke Faves 6Zeke Faves 6 Zeke Faves 5Zeke Faves 5 Zeke Faves 4Zeke Faves 4 Zeke Faves 3Zeke Faves 3 Zeke Faves 2Zeke Faves 2 Zeke Faves 1Zeke Faves 1 River Faves 9River Faves 9 River Faves 8River Faves 8 River Faves 7River Faves 7 River Faves 5River Faves 5
River Faves 6River Faves 6 River Faves 4River Faves 4 River Faves 2River Faves 2 River Faves 3River Faves 3 River Faves 1River Faves 1 Freddie Faves6Freddie Faves6 Freddie Faves5Freddie Faves5 Freddie Faves2Freddie Faves2 Freddie Faves4Freddie Faves4 Freddie Faves3Freddie Faves3 Freddie Faves1Freddie Faves1

Alife, Olive, Ace & Sid Faves 4Alife, Olive, Ace & Sid Faves 4 Alife, Olive, Ace & Sid Faves 5Alife, Olive, Ace & Sid Faves 5 Alife, Olive, Ace & Sid Faves 3Alife, Olive, Ace & Sid Faves 3 Alife, Olive, Ace & Sid Faves 1Alife, Olive, Ace & Sid Faves 1 Alife, Olive, Ace & Sid Faves 2Alife, Olive, Ace & Sid Faves 2





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