What happens on your equine photoshoot day? Lunar Photography, Equine & Dog photographer

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What happens on your equine photoshoot day?

Training Barn Day 1 -50Training Barn Day 1 -50



The day has finally come, how exciting! 

I wanted to walk you through what happens on your equine photoshoot day. I know for most people the idea of having their photo taken can seem a little overwhelming. Thoughts of the boohoo-paparazzi-style photoshoot pop into your head and you couldn't think of anything worse. To be honest, neither could I. 

Surprisingly enough I also hate having my photo taken, so I can totally relate to what you may be thinking and feeling running up to your photoshoot day.

First things first, I promise you it's going to be loads of fun. This day is about spending time with your horse and making lots of happy memories on the way. You will almost definitely forget I'm there to take photos. 


Louise & Nero TB Day 2 -52Louise & Nero TB Day 2 -52


On the day, I'll arrive at your chosen location at the agreed time. The first thing we will do is take a look around your yard, this way I can have a look for the best locations for photos and check where the light is falling in those locations (bonus points if we can have a cuppa!).

It's a good idea to ask your yard owner where you can and can't go for photos. I'll make a few little suggestions along the way, too. We won't go anywhere you or your horse isn't comfortable with.

If you have somewhere in particular on the location you'd like a photo, let me know so we can get that shot for you.


Training Barn Day 1 -58Training Barn Day 1 -58


Now it's time to look at your outfits. I love this part. Of course, we would have already chatted about your different outfit ideas in the pre-consultation, but we will just spend a quick few minutes looking at everything you've bought (hopefully a suitcase full!) and planning what accessories/jackets we can add to each outfit along the way. 

We usually split this into 3 main outfits, and do roughly 20 minutes of photoshoot time in each, with a nice break for your horse in between whilst you're getting changed. 


Louise & Nero TB Day 2 -46Louise & Nero TB Day 2 -46


Once we've worked our way through your location and outfits, it's time to wrap things up. Your horse will get lots of cuddles and pats before I head off and there will be the chance for you to see any frame/album samples if you'd like to. I'll get in touch over the next few days to book your viewing in.


Photoshoots are a whole lot of fun - from start to finish it's about making happy memories for you & your horse. I'm on hand throughout the entire process to answer any questions you might have, too. 


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Louise & Nero TB Day 2 -3Louise & Nero TB Day 2 -3



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