My horse never stands still - can I still have a photo shoot? Lunar Photography

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"My horse never stands still - can I still have a photo shoot?"



Yes, of course you can! I've worked with 100s of horses in my life time. Not only through photography but through riding, too. 

I totally get it, you want your horse's ears forward and their legs square so they look their absolute best on their photoshoot day. This is why it's so important to choose a specialist equine photographer.


When I was 18 I started up my own freelance riding & grooming business, mainly focusing on helping problem horses and breaking in youngsters. I've worked on event yards, top competition yards and hunting yards with all sorts of fit and young horses and ponies so I've got a fair amount of experience with difficult and energetic horses.


I know how horses work. I have various tips and tricks up my sleeve to help get them standing still for the split second I need to get the photo. And that's really it, it only needs to be a split second for me to get that beautiful image. or 1/2000th of a second to be precise. 


So don't stress, if your horse has ants in his pants I'll still get beautiful images, I promise.


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