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Spring Styling Ideas

rhythm in beads 170rhythm in beads 170


Despite all the rain we're having at the moment, spring is officially just two weeks away! I wanted to offer you some spring styling inspiration if you've booked your photoshoot between March and May, or if you're thinking of booking one during the spring season.


Choosing your outfits for your photoshoot can feel like a bit of a daunting task, but don't worry. In your welcome pack you will see a style guide that you can read through and get your brain ticking. There are lots of suggestions and images in there that will provide you with plenty of inspiration on outfit choices for your photoshoot. 

We will have a chat about outfits during our pre-consultation, too.  I always suggest bringing lots of options to your shoot so we can go through together and pick the outfits that work - you can never bring too much!


Think floral patterns, pastel colours, gingham, tweed jackets, country boots, gilets & floaty dresses.


If you're lucky enough to keep your horse at home we can have real fun going through your favourite outfits and combining what you love wearing with what looks great on camera. 

If you're at a livery yard, that's what the tack room and stable is for. Bring a suitcase full or fill your car boot with your favourite clothing and we can go through what you want to wear.


When we choose your outfits together before we start your photoshoot. I'll be thinking about your location, the season and making sure you're comfortable so you can just enjoy being with your horse and dog. 


Below I've gathered some of my favourite spring outfits from last year to give you some inspiration for your spring photoshoot... cue the daffodils & bluebells, it's time to get excited about spring!


Start Planning Your Spring Photoshoot



emily, rosa & tess 17emily, rosa & tess 17 shireen, jazz, arty & pie-69shireen, jazz, arty & pie-69


img_3804img_3804 charlotte & grey 30charlotte & grey 30


abbey, mikey, bella & bramble 40abbey, mikey, bella & bramble 40


rachel, bob & family 60rachel, bob & family 60 iona rem boris & joe 13iona rem boris & joe 13


izzy & harry40izzy & harry40




Start Planning Your Spring Photoshoot





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