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How To Prep Your Locations For Your Equine Photoshoot

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A lot of equine photoshoots often take place at home, either your home if you're lucky enough to keep your horses there, or the horses home or livery yard. I often recommend shooting at your horses home because this is where they're most relaxed and stable yards provide a huge amount of variety when it comes to backdrops, too. We can also combine this with local hacking and surrounding areas to get a really lovely variety of images. 


There are a few tips I've got for prepping your location ahead of time to save a bit of time on your photoshoot day.

The stable area is a firm favourite of mine when it comes to a shooting location.
The natural fall off of light into the stable gives a beautiful black background effect that makes for some stunning images with your horse. Often we keep a lot of bits and bobs around our horses stables, so have a little think if anything can be moved for the duration of your photoshoot. Hang rugs somewhere else and move any grooming boxes, headcollars or yard tools away from the door so we can get a lovely clean image. Sweeping beds back and the surrounding area is also a good move to create that super neat finish in your images.


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If you’re on a livery yard, ask your yard owner if there’s anywhere off limits for your photoshoot. You never know where they might let you go for that special shot. 

When I arrive you can give me. yard tour so I can seek out the best locations and light for your photoshoot. Beauty can be found in the smallest of places, even some places you won't expect. As we're walking around I'll be looking out for those little magical spots, a wooden door, a gateway, a driveway, a grass verge, there is just so many beautiful places for photos you may not have thought of. 


If you're planning to do part of or all of your shoot away from your horse's home, at a local woodland or beach for example, make sure you've scouted out the parking and equine access beforehand so you're not worrying about it on the day. 


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