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Preparing Your Horse For A Photoshoot In Winter

Becky, Luna & Rio 11Becky, Luna & Rio 11


Warm sunshine, dresses, long grass, that gentle summer breeze... there are lots of reasons to love the outcome of a photoshoot in summer. 

I wanted to offer a few tips on prepping your horse for the special day, should you decide that summer is the season for you.


When prepping for your photoshoot, it's important to keep your horses routine as normal as possible. This will prevent them getting stressed out and wound up on your photoshoot day, which is something we really want to avoid.


1. Bathing

You'll definitely want to consider bathing your horse the day before your photoshoot. Especially if they're grey or have any white socks.  Nobody wants a poo-stains or dusty bums in their photos, so it's best to get these washed off the day before if possible. It's also a good idea to get to your horse a few hours before so you can wash off any new stains and give them time to dry before we start shooting.


Please allow plenty of time for your horse to dry off - trust me if your horse has wet patches you will definitely notice these in your final images.


Charlotte & Archie 4Charlotte & Archie 4


2. Tack Cleaning

Clean any pieces of tack the day before as if you were going to a show. I always recommend a leather headcollar and bridle (we can alternate between the two), and if you're planning some ridden shots make sure your saddle, girth, saddle cloths and any boots/bandages you wish to use are clean, too. I also recommend a black/brown/navy lead rope, but if you don't have one I always carry a spare.


3. Plaiting/Trimming

Get any trimming you need to do done a couple of days before - the less you have to do on your photoshoot day, the less stress you will be under and the more you will enjoy the whole experience.

If you're planning to plait, plait the night before or a few hours before we're due to start (if you've got a horse that is likely to rub them out).


Hannah, Pepsy & Duke 50Hannah, Pepsy & Duke 50


4. The Finishing Touches

Hoof oil is a must have for your photoshoot, but don't put any on until we're ready to start. If you put hoof oil on in the stable too early, straw/shavings will get stuck to them and you'll have to apply it again anyway. 


Does your horse have a favourite treat? It's best to bring a little something for them as a reward during the photoshoot. I will have some treats with me, too. I try not to treat too much throughout the course of the photoshoot to prevent any fingers getting nibbled and when we really need a treat your horse will be more interested if they're given less often. 


Don't forget fly spray to keep those pests away and stop your horse getting irritable. It's always a good idea to bring some sun cream & lots of water if it's really hot, too. 





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