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What makes me different? Things to ask your equine photographer...



You want some beautiful images of you & your horse, but where do you even start when it comes to choosing the perfect photographer for you?

I've put together some helpful information so you know where to start and what questions to ask when enquiring about your dream equine photoshoot. You'll also find a little bit about how I work and what makes my equine photoshoot experience different to help you decide if I'm the perfect equine photographer for you.


So many questions will be going through your mind when deciding to invest your precious time & money into an equine photoshoot. I'm going to go through the most important ones below so you can make the right decision for you.


What experience does the photographer have?

With so many photographers to choose from, it's worth considering a couple of things. Are they a specialist equine photographer, a family photographer or a jack-of-all-trades type?

For example, often wedding photographers will do equine photoshoots, but this may mean they don't understand the horse as much as a specialist equine photographer does. If you want someone who understands you want your horse's ears forward and their legs square, you need to pick someone who has experience in the equestrian field.

I used to work as a freelance horse rider before I was a photographer, as well as riding horses since I was 2 years old. I have 25+ years of experience working with and riding a whole range of horses from unbroken 3 year olds to olympic event horses. Hence why I chose to specialise in equine photography.



Shireen, Jazz, Arty & Pie-48Shireen, Jazz, Arty & Pie-48



Where do they work, do they travel around the uk & abroad?

It's easy to think that if your favourite photographer is based at the opposite end of the country then they won't travel to you for a photoshoot, but this isn't always the case. When you make your initial enquiry, ask the photographer if they travel and if so, are there any extra charges for them to come to you.
Your favourite photographer may even be in a different country, but this doesn't necessarily mean they won't hop on a plane to work with you.

I am happy to travel all around the UK & abroad for photoshoots - if an overnight stay is required there may be an extra charge for this but any travel costs will be communicated to you when you enquire. I am based in Derbyshire but regularly travel to London, Gloucestershire, Yorkshire & The New Forest for photoshoots. Infact, I love travelling to new & exciting areas for photoshoots and I'm always delighted to receive enquiries from further afield.


What are their prices?

You can commission an equine photoshoot from £30 all the way up to and beyond £1000. What's important is matching your budget to what you want to get out of your equine photoshoot. Undoubtedly, someone who charges a higher price is going to produce a more quality experience than a photographer who does a "shoot & burn" type package for less money.

My client's average spend is £1000, with the shoot fee from £395 in 2022. The shoot fee includes a huge frame with your favourite image, too. Optional extras can be purchased at your viewing after your photoshoot, so you can decide how much you'd like to spend and pick your own photo products without being restricted to a set package. I am on hand to guide you through the entire experience, from styling advice to choosing your favourite images so you get the most out of the time & money you invest in your equine photoshoot.






What products do they offer?

It's important to look at the products a photographer offers, too. Some people want digitals files, whilst others want frames & albums. Maybe you'd just like the digital files so you can frame & print them yourself? It's worth noting the quality of their products and ask if they have any sort of guarantee on their photography products, too.

I offer frames, albums & high res digital files. All of my photography products come with a lifetime guarantee. I'm always happy to help with anything regarding your photoshoot, even after your equine photoshoot experience has finished.

Each photoshoot experience is crafted especially for each client, so if you'd like something that's not on my product list I will happily explore your ideas for you.


What is their editing style?

Are you looking for natural, in the moment photographs of you and your horse? Or do you want dramatic, heavily edited images? It's important you pick a photographer that consistently produces the style of work you love.
Photographers are artists, each unique in their style and approach. If you like natural images pick a photographer whose work reflects that.
If you ask a more natural photographer to create something dark & dramatic then the likelihood is that you and the photographer will end up with images that don't make your hearts sing, which is a waste of time for everyone.

I love natural, unstaged images that focus on warmth & vibrant colour. I used to live in Cape Town for 6 years and so my work is heavily influenced by the vibrant african colours. People often say my images "feel like summer". To me it's important that the moments captured with your horse are real, so they trigger real memories when you look at your images.

So if you're looking for heavily edited, dramatic images then I'm probably not the right equine photographer for you.






What is their availability vs yours?

Does the photographer you're enquiring with work weekends, or weekdays only? Do they only shoot in golden hour (sunset light), or do they shoot at any time of day to suit you?
You may need to book annual leave, or be prepared to start your shoot late in the day to get the result you want. So definitely ask what their availability is. You may also have to wait a few months before you can get your desired season/time/day.

I don't do photoshoots on Sundays, but I am available on weekdays and Saturdays (though my Saturday dates are limited, especially in summer as they sell out quickly!). This means you may need to book annual leave if you'd like to work with me. I do chat to my clients about this when they enquire.

I am also happy to shoot at a time of day that suits you, your horse & your desired results.


What are their policies?

Each photographer will have their own terms & conditions when you work with them. It's an absolute must to read the small print when you book a photoshoot. Check out their cancellation policy, what they do if it rains or if your horse goes lame, or what happens if something unexpected happens leading up to your photoshoot.

I send out my full terms & conditions when you enquire so you know what happens in each of these situations. I charge a non-refundable booking fee of £100 to secure your chosen date with me.
If it rains on your photoshoot day, or your horse goes lame in the lead up, we can simply reschedule (there is no extra charge for this).

For full terms & conditions visit my website and go to the link at the bottom of the page.



Rosie, Indie, Violet & Romeo -42Rosie, Indie, Violet & Romeo -42



What is their personality like?

At the end of the day you're choosing someone to capture some really precious moments that are going to last a lifetime.
When you start chatting to your chosen photographer make sure you feel like you trust them and get on with them. They ought to feel like a friend really. You're letting them behind the curtain on a very special partnership between you & your horse.

The images from your shoot will take you back to that moment in time, so you want to make sure you're entrusting the experience to someone who is going to make the whole day feel stress-free, easy going and fun.

Go with your gut on this one.



How many images do they produce?

Each photographer will have their own process and way of doing things, and it's worth checking how many images will be presented in the your final gallery. Generally photographers whose style is more edited tend to produce less images in your final gallery due to

the time it takes to edit each individual image.

I tend to produce 80 - 120 images in your final gallery so you have plenty of variety and lovely images to choose from. Different locations, outfits and lighting will contribute to an array of images from your equine photoshoot that I'm certain you will love forever.



Michelle & Family 63Michelle & Family 63



I'm sure you've found this helpful.

It's really important you enjoy every second of your equine photoshoot experience, whether it's a once in a lifetime event or something you'd like to recur annually as your family grows and changes.

If you've got anymore questions, feel free to drop me a quick message [email protected] or call me 07958101755 if you'd prefer. I'm always happy to answer any questions you might have and I love hearing about your gorgeous horses and the stories you have to tell.

I tend to become good friends with my clients. I become emotionally invested in their equine & family journey and take great joy from keeping in touch with them over many years.

Here's to capturing those precious memories with your horse and reliving them a thousand times over for years to come.





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