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What's my favourite equine photoshoot location?


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I was having a little think about this the other day and the short answer has got to be your horse's home. Whether that's at your house or on a livery yard, I just love seeing new yards and the different locations they have to offer within them. 

Even on the most basic yards, I love the challenge of creating a variety of images for each individual client. I also think that the horse's home has a special significance... It's where they feel most relaxed and also where most of the quiet moments between horse and rider take place.

There are standard areas most yards have, too. Such as a field shelter or stable which creates beautiful studio type images, gateways, fence lines, fields and local hacking all make beautiful locations for equine photoshoot which I thoroughly enjoy. I also love looking for textures that provide lovely backdrops, such as corrugated iron, hedgerows, stable walls, rendered walls etc. 

I also love the challenge of going back to the same location and creating something totally different, which is often the case with my clients that have shoots every year. Seeing things through new eyes, in new seasons or new weather conditions always adds to the variety of one location, too. 

I've done equine photoshoots in woodlands and beaches too, and these combined with your horse's home provide an even greater variety of images.

Whatever location you choose, you will get gorgeous images that you will love forever. 


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