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When is the best time of day for my equine photoshoot?


There are a few things to think about when it comes to choosing the right time of day for your equine photoshoot. 

Firstly, it depends on the look you're after. If you're looking for some gorgeous golden hour shots like the one below, it's best to start shooting 2/3 hours before sunset. This gives us plenty of time to get some "daylight" shots then shoot into golden hour, so you've got a lovely variety in your final gallery. If you're not too fussed about sunset shots, shooting from mid-morning or mid-afternoon can work really well. Alternatively sunrise or blue hour shots can be shot from sunrise and can make some beautiful images, especially on a cold crisp morning in winter.


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The time of year... Sunrise and sunset times vary greatly here in the UK, so if you are wanting to incorporate sunrise or sunset into your photoshoot, it's worth checking the times at the time of year you've booked. Sunset is much later in mid summer, possibly too late for ponies & children, so it might be worth booking your shoot in early spring or late autumn when the sun sets a little earlier.


Location. It is true that some locations work better at certain times of day. For example, if you like the black background shots, but only have one block of stables that alal face the same way, you may want to consider where the sun hits them at the time of day of your photoshoot booking. Of course if it's an overcast day it doesn't really matter, but if a black background image is one you're set on we can certainly book at the best time of day for your location to get your desired results.


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What works for you? I'm a morning person, but I appreciate that not everyone is. Especially if you have a grey pony that requires lots of bathing and cleaning ahead of your photoshoot. For this reason you may want to start a little later in the day to give you plenty of time for some final touches before we begin. Perhaps the horses are used to going out all day, so you'd like to start mid-afternoon to keep their routine as normal as possible? Maybe the kids are less tired in the mornings. It really depends on what suits you too. 


I'm happy to work at different times of the day to suit you depending on all the above factors. This is something we will have a chat about during your pre-consultation call, so we can plan your shoot at the perfect time of day for everyone involved.


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