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Including Your Dog In Your Equine Photoshoot

Emily, Rosa & Tessa  68Emily, Rosa & Tessa 68


I often get asked if dogs can be included in equine photoshoots, and the answer is absolutely yes! It's my absolute favourite when people include their dogs and their horses together.


I love creating images of you & your horse, you, your dog & horse, and your dog on their own, too. If your horse & dog don't normally mix, or if your dog is nervous around your horse then we can keep them separate. It really depends on each individual client.


A few tips for including your dog...

Stick to what they know - if your dog isn't normally around your horse I don't recommend trying it for the first time during your photoshoot. It's important to keep everyone safe and happy.

If your dog & horse are comfortable being around each other, sitting poses are normally best for including both, so this is what we will start with. We can then do stodd/walking poses if all goes well. 

Keeping your dog on a lead around your horse is always recommended to begin with - it really is down to what is normal for your horse & your dog though. 




Here are some examples of images where we've included dogs in an equine photoshoot...



Fran & Jazz 57Fran & Jazz 57


Beth, Dexter, Rico, Abba & Sooty 51Beth, Dexter, Rico, Abba & Sooty 51 Charlotte, Sammy, Rosie, Melody, Ember & Delta -93Charlotte, Sammy, Rosie, Melody, Ember & Delta -93 Chrissy & Family 24Chrissy & Family 24 Grace, Sparkie, Bruce & Merlot 15Grace, Sparkie, Bruce & Merlot 15 Louise & Nero TB Day 2 -14Louise & Nero TB Day 2 -14 Michelle & Family 60Michelle & Family 60 Phoebe, Tom, Zena, Oscar & Amber -27Phoebe, Tom, Zena, Oscar & Amber -27 SHIRREN & CO -56SHIRREN & CO -56 TRAINING BARN DAY 1 -33TRAINING BARN DAY 1 -33 Training Barn Day 2 -15 2Training Barn Day 2 -15 2 Training Barn Day 2 -75Training Barn Day 2 -75



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