"We were excited for our shoot with Imogen after we had lots of recommendations from friends.

We were a little nervous before, but once we'd spoken to Imogen and received all the information we felt totally at ease.

Imogen made my daughter feel at ease straight away. She was incredibly nervous, and typically animals feed off nerves. However, the nerves quickly disappeared. Imogen's bubbly personality and ability to find common ground meant it didn't feel like a photoshoot, but just fun day with the animals.

It all ran well, went quickly and was fast paced. Which on a cold day is needed.

The photoshoot was stress free, unpressured and comfortable/easy to ask for what we wanted.

Our favourite part was seeing the final images, they exceeded all expectations.

The images will be treasured, a moment in time perfectly captured. Time moves so quickly, everything changes, I'm really pleased through these photos, that moment time will be captured forever."

-jo sault-bates

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I got to work with Alice and Bumble (her mum's lovely big Irish horse) when looking for models to work with in winter. I want to prove that you can take beautiful images all year round, and experiment with bright colour clothes and winter styling.

This shoot took place in November and the colours were just absolutely stunning at that time of year. In fact, I think November is officially my favourite month to photograph in.

We started the shoot working with the dogs, Bumble is a big horse and we felt this would be a nicer way to begin the shoot without the stress of handling a horse at the same time. The horses are kept on a quiet lane, so we took their gorgeous dogs Waffle (whippet) and Bailey (cockapoo) out onto the lane and got some photos of them. We did some of them on their own, some chasing a ball and some with Alice.

Want to see your daughter in gorgeous images like these? Get in touch using the button below.

When everyone was comfortable we decide to grab Bumble and take him onto the lane too. He was a really good boy, though he said he'd much rather be eating grass than posing for photos.

They have a beautiful bridle path outside their yard, so to finish off we took him down there and did a couple down there.

We got the most gorgeous late afternoon light as well to end the shoot - honest November really put on a show for us.

This shoot came at a really good time for Jo & Alice, as they're currently in the process of building their new home. We picked a few photos out for their new house, which I know will look absolutely gorgeous when it's finished and they're up on the wall.

Want to see your daughter in gorgeous images like these? Get in touch using the button below.

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