In February this year I got asked to do a shoot for the lovely Emily & Chad at Brook Working Dogs in Belper. 

I'm not going to lie, I've always been a little sceptical about dog trainers and I haven't always heard the most positive things in the past, but these guys are just brilliant. 

I spent a Saturday morning with them and honestly the results I've seen their clients have in just one session is absolutely amazing. I was totally blown away. I felt so inspired after what I saw I've actually managed to master Albert's recall off the back of what I learned just watching that day. If you're reading this and you know my little JRT Albert, you'll know how much of an achievement this is. 

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I watched Chad do some one to one sessions, Emily taking the puppy classes and the weekly training classes, and then did some photos of their other staff. My favourite part was watching the progress of a Cocker Spaniel that was really hyper and excited, to an obedient dog with great recall... even with sheep in the middle!

Emily & Chad have sheep at their training base in Belper which is great for getting your dogs desensitised to livestock, too.

Honestly I couldn't recommend these guys enough, I could scream about how good they are from the rooftops and still feel like I wasn't doing them justice on what great dog trainers they are!

Find out more about their business here.

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