"I have always liked the idea of a photo shoot, but never thought I would have one done. I like the way Imogen put herself and her business across.

I felt quite nervous about having a photoshoot, as I am not a showy person! The thought of having to be smart/smile & in front of a camera scares the hell out of me and it pushes me out of my comfort zone. But we all need to be pushed out of sometimes. There was nothing to worry about.

The photo shoot ran very well, Imogen was very easy to work with, which helped the whole experience run smoothly.

I actually really enjoyed it, all the photos were great, but it was also hard to make my mind up on what to have.

I enjoyed the hole experience from start to finish and the results were better than I could have ever expected. I can't stop looking at my photos and smiling."

-amanda routledge

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I reached out to Amanda about working together towards the end of summer this year. As a business owner collaborations and partnerships are so important, and after working with a lot of eventing people recently, I've wanted to dip my toe into the showjumping/dressage world a little more this year.

Amanda is a course designer and instructor based at Arena UK in Grantham. She has a yard of lovely horses, some of hers and some owned by other people. Amanda assured me she wasn't a fan of having her photo taken (surprisingly I'm also in this boat), but after we had a chat she was brave enough to take the leap and step infront of my camera.

We had a very grey day when it came to it, but we had lots of fun. The main horse Amanda wanted to capture images with was Spida. Spida is a 22 year old retired grade A showjumper who Amanda describes as her absolute queen, and as with most people, has loads of photos of them both out competing, but this was a chance to capture something special at home.

Want to see yourself in gorgeous images like these? Get in touch using the button below.

Albert is Spida's half brother, he's a 15.2Hh. 23 year old KWPN - he still thinks he's 4 and now potters about competing at 1.10m. Towards the end of the shoot we included her other horses Sky and Dunni, and of course JRT Ernie who is a complete dude and knows how to work the camera.

In fact we even managed to get her husband, David, involved too! We had a lovely morning doing something a little different at the large show centre and managed to dodge any rain which is always a bonus!

Something I mention to a lot of my clients, is to bring a piece of sentimental jewellery. Amanda brought 2 lovely bracelets that are very special to her and used to belong to her mum. Have a little look back over the photos I've shared and see if you can spot them.

I met up with Amanda a few weeks later to show her the images, and I'm really looking forwards to working with her again in the future. Keep your eyes peeled next year for something coming up!

Want to see yourself in gorgeous images like these? Get in touch using the button below.

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