How handsome is this gorgeous stallion?! Probably one of the first stallions I've ever done a photoshoot to be honest, so I was thrilled when Beth was up for working with me on this collaboration. It came at a great time as Beth is just doing her new house up, so now she's got loads of gorgeous images all over her walls which is perfect!

Beth's got a few horses, but during our initial chat it was clear that this boy, Nito (Incognito) was her heart horse, Her special boy. He's a 10 year old Bay stallion and he really knew how handsome he was. He totally worked the camera.

The main thing Beth really wanted was a photo of her, her dog and her horse for her new house, so with that in mind we included her gorgeous mini toy poodle, Peaches. Peaches was totally adorable throughout and she knew when it was her time to shine giving us gorgeous head tilts and sitting so pretty with her mum.

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The weather was really sunny that morning, until I got about 5 miles from Beth's yard, when it started to go really misty and grey. I think the results speak for themselves though, it's all about you and your horse, so it doesn't matter if it's a grey day really. To be honest, overcast/misty days can give the most flattering light and I'm always really excited to work in these conditions.

We started with Beth & Nito on their own. Beth had picked 3 outfits, so we went for a casual one first and headed into the school so we could see what mood Nito would be in. Being a stallion he can be quite full of himself so we felt this was a safe place to test the waters. Luckily he was being a really good boy so we did some over the wooden gate before going for outfit number two which was a little bit more dressed up.

We used the driveaway and his stable for this, adding PEaches in for a shot or two before putting one of Beth's favourite coats on and heading into the field to capture some of the misty trees in the background.

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We finished off with a third outfit, still smart casual but paired with some long country boots and a colourful scarf for some variation. We used a different stable with a window in the back, and did a pose with her, Nito & Peaches again - Beth had seen another photo of mine which she liked so we aimed to recreate that.

At the end we used a really lovely horse sculpture that she had sat on the yard with some flowers next to it to finish off.

It was really nice to see Beth's home progress at her viewing. Her interior design skills were certainly making me envious, and I know when it's finished with those images on the wall it's going to look gorgeous.

Keep your eyes peeled for some more upcoming collaborations between us in the new year!

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