"Bea won her shoot with Imogen in a competition, but I absolutely loved seeing Imogen’s work at Eland Lodge, I was really impressed with her pictures. Seeing them in person was definitely an influencing factor.

I was slightly concerned our location wouldn’t yield the photos we were looking for, but that was totally irrelevant and they could have been taken anywhere - it was the subject that counted and how Imogen captured that.

The photoshoot ran really well. We had great direction from Imogen and fantastic pre-shoot communication and information. The in person viewing was spot on, it was so difficult to choose just a few images! I wanted to buy them all!

Our favourite part of the shoot was seeing the end result, Bea was made to feel so special.

The final images and the shoot exceeded all expectations, and the images will always make us smile."

-rachel & lee Bailye

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I'm not really sure where to start with this shoot...it's one of my favourites of 2023 that's for sure. The main objective of this one was to capture some photos of Bea with her gorgeous piebald pony, Star, before she went off to her loan home.

Star is a really special pony. They've been in the England showing team, competing at HOYS, RI and exceeding all expectations of their partnership. I love this part of my job. Capturing the intimate moments behind the scenes, away from the spotlight of competition. That's what having horses is all about, the joy in the little moments, the hard work that goes in behind the scenes, and the bond you share.

Of course whilst I was there we got some photos with her two other gorgeous ponies, Chief & Jack, too. Even Gurdy their little sausage dog made a guest appearance (see if you can spot her!).

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Above I've picked my favourite image of Bea with each pony, though it's really hard to choose as everything about this shoot was just to die for.

I must also mention Bea's Dad made an amazing effort turning the ponies out and making sure they were literally spotless (Thanks Lee!). Bea's mum, Rachel, and bestie, Fleur also did a great job of getting ears forwards and helping throughout the shoot.

Bea's outfits were stunning. We went for a lovely country vibe, and added a cape with long country boots & hat. As you can see Chief really enjoyed playing with it - he is clearly the joker of the ponies and was constantly making us howl with laughter during the photoshoot.

Then we did jeans and blouse, and finished off with some really special images of Bea and Star in a gorgeous red dress. Unfortunately due to breaking her arm, Bea and Star missed their final ride at HOYS, but she got to go and enjoy the VIP section for the day as an alternative, and this is the dress she wore, so we felt this was a good way to finish the shoot.

This time of year is when the leaves just start to turn, and getting a still day meant we had a beautiful reflection on the pond in the field for these final shots.

We designed a gorgeous 6in1 for the wall, and Bea has a very special photo of her and Star on her bedroom wall that i'm sure will bring back loads of lovely memories from our photoshoot day. It was just a really fun morning with lots of laughs - I honestly have the best job in the world!

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