“Imogen is friendly, horsey, and an ace photographer! I definitely feel like our brand messaging has been brought across in our images. We all enjoyed the process, the photoshoot, and the results are always better than we expect.”

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This is the second time I have worked with Gil, Emma and the wonderful team at Gil Riley Equine Vets. This time though, all their gorgeous new facilities have been completed. It's even more amazing than they described last time I saw them, and honestly it's such a pleasure to be part of the whole thing.

Emma actually taught me to ride when I was little, I mean I guess you can probably blame her for how obssessed I have been ever since. I vividly remember lessons on 2 little ponies, Gyspsy and Raffy, when I was younger and how much fun they were. In fact I even remember one of the little jump courses she made me do and I don't think I'll ever forget.

It's so good to have my feet firmly on the same patch of land taking photos of their new amazing venture, and to see it all come together like it has is just incredible.

This time as the facilities were finished, that was mainly the focus. As well as photographing new staff members performing day to day activities for their website and social media. Their gorgeous new facilities include a trot up strip, a soft and hard lunging area, all weather turnout paddocks, X-ray facility, onsite lab, a scoping facility plus many more.

I highly recommend registering with them if you haven't already, I'll pop a link to the website below.


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