"My photoshoot was a surprise gift from my friends!

I was worried we wouldn't be able to capture my dogs facial features as she's so dark but all the images turned out fantastic.

The photoshoot went perfectly, Imogen is lovely, Bailey got treats, fuss and gorgeous photos and I felt completely comfortable.

The in person viewing was very moving and really difficult to choose what to get as I wanted it all!

My favourite part of the shoot was finding nice spots to catch the best pics, and they really turned out even better than I thought.

I'm extremely happy and emotional we got such beautiful images."

-bethan lewis

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One of my lovely clients and Bethan's friend got in touch to purchase a shoot for Bethan & her gorgeous 10 year old cockapoo, Bailey. Unfortunately Bailey is suffering with a suspected brain tumour, and so she can have regular seizures and the vet is unsure about how long they might have left with her.

I always bang on about capturing memories with your dogs whilst they're happy and healthy, and so we got this shoot booked in as soon as possible in case Bailey started to go downhill.

Bethan was concerned about her potentially having to work around Bailey's seizures, but honestly sometimes things happen and fall into place perfectly.

We spoke on the phone and decided to do the shoot in Shipley Country Park - and my goodness mother nature put on a display. November is officially my new favourite time of year to shoot - the colours are really just something else. Especially when you have a black dog, these colours in the background can really make them stand out.

Want to see your dog in gorgeous images like these? Get in touch using the button below.

Anyway, back to things falling into place. Of course the only caveat to shooting at this time of year is the weather. I always check the forecast the day before, and it seemed okay to go ahead. Of course the weather man was telling a fib, and it was literally drizzling all morning. I actually remember putting the bins out in the morning and having an internal debate with myself about postponing... (glamourous I know!).

Of course in this situation we are not necessarily blessed with the gift of time, so I decided to just go for it and worst came to worst we could do half the shoot that day and half another day.

I kid you not when I pulled up and got out the car, the sun came out and the light was just stunning. I mean, you can see it in the images. It was just jaw droppingly beautiful. And sure enough as soon as we came to the end of our shoot it disappeared again - sometimes everything works out and it's all just perfect.

Bailey didn't have any seizures, and she actually smashed her shoot. She was so good. Bethan was even feeling brave enough to be in a couple of images, and afterwards at the viewing she said was so glad she got gorgeous images with her dog.

One of those shoots I'll look back and get all the warm fuzzy feelings for sure. We created a gorgeous 3 in 1 for Bethan's new house - which I can't wait to see on the wall when it's up.

Want to see your dog in gorgeous images like these? Get in touch using the button below.

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