"I was really excited for my photoshoot with Imogen. The whole shoot went very well, it was well organised and seamless. The in person viewing session was beautiful, the slideshow was so special and Imoge helped me narrow down the photos well.

My favourite part was seeing the results and viewing my images. I am so pleased with them.

The images are lovely and capture everything I love about the horses and my relationship with them."

-Ellie Healy

I met with Ellie at her home in the heart of the Hope Valley in the Peak District back in February. We were blessed with that gorgeous soft winter light which I love at this time of year and I just adored the look it gave us.

I'm starting to love morning shoots. The more I do them the more I fall in love with the way the light hits in the mornings.

Ellie had a shoot with 2 of her event horses. Freddie - a bay 9 year old Irish Sports Horse who she does 3 star eventing with. She's owned him since he was 4 years old. He absolutely lovely the attention, Ellie describes him as a cheeky, lovely boy who's into everything. They're aiming for Blenheim 3 star this year, and it was lovely to watch them at Thoresby over the Easter weekend, too!

Toki is her other bay gelding. He's only 6 years old and recently came from Ireland and she's producing him to event.

I'm not going to lie, photographing event horses at this time of year can be a little tricky. They're clipped, almost event fit before the start of the season, and with the air having a little chill it can make them a little spicy. I must say though, they smashed it. It's always good to keep things moving with fit competition horses - they're often not a fan of standing around (it's very boring compared to galloping cross country!) and it makes it easier for everyone if you can keep them occupied.

Ellie had one outfit for each horse - we photographed around the house and driveaway to get a couple different backdrops. I think my favourite was using the garage building - It was made of gorgeous Derbyshire stone (my absolute favourite!), and had a ivy covered staircase in the middle. The doors were a dark green too which really looked lovely with Ellie's outfit choices and then Ivy.

We used their stable barn doorway for a nice black background finish for a couple images, then finished the day getting a photo with both of the boys and Ellie together. We created 2 gorgeous gold framed images at Ellie's viewing and I know they're going to look gorgeous on the wall!

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