It was actually quite a grey and miserable day for this shoot - I must say though the soft overcast light really hits different in winter. It's super easy to work with and is just so flattering.

We met in my favourite little woodland spot in Shipley Country Park for this limited edition photo session. I love this time of year, it's full of hope that spring is near and the snowdrops are just starting to come out. In this particular section of the park, the snowdrops seem to spread further and further every year creating a beautiful blanket of white on the woodland floor in February.

Emma really wanted a photo of Scarlett & Maddie together without her in, and though she wasn't overly keen on being in the images, I did manage to convince her to be in some. I'm so glad she was brave and went for it, as I know how special these images will be to her going forward.

I can't even begin to tell you how much this little dog made me smile. Her facial expressions and the way she pottered around was just adorable. She was a total natural in front of the camera. I just love the photos of Maddie in the snowdrops, it's one of my favourites so far this year.

My favourite one of Scarlett is definitely the one where I captured her mid tail swish - this really frames her beautifully in the image and it's just caught the perfect moment. I love capturing magical split second moments like that.

The connection the three of them have is very clear in the images and that's why I love this set so much. I've known Emma for a few years now and I know how much her girls mean to her, so the fact she's trusted me to capture that for her is such a privilege. The frame below now sits proudly on Emma's wall in her new home to be enjoyed for a lifetime.

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