Laura booked her photoshoot with me after she won a voucher from a charity raffle. Often times vouchers don't get used so I was absolutely thrilled when Laura got in touch. 

Laura lives down in Blackmore, Essex. Essex is a place I hadn't visited before this shoot, so it was wonderful to go down and see a new part of the UK. Laura keeps her horses on a private yard with a friend in the gorgeous Essex countryside.

Her wonderful mare, Wendy, turned 30 years old on the day of our shoot. Laura has owned Wendy for 26 years, and they've grown up together. They used to do a bit of showing, but now enjoy a quieter life together. She also has has Annie, a 7 year old Welsh x Hackney mare.

It was an absolutely glorious day down south. I had a really lovely drive down there with no traffic. It took me about 2.5 hours, and I was also chuffed as it meant I got to visit a friend who lives in Essex whilst I was down there.

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We did some photos near the stables, then in the neighbouring woodland which was lovely. There was also a gorgeous big field at the back with long grass which made for some wonderful photos, too. We did some images of them all together, then some of Laura with each horse on their own. The shoot finished with a wonderful "birthday cake smash" type shot to celebrate Wendy's birthday (me and Laura had cake too!). The local deer enjoyed a quick bounce through the fields as well after we had finished. We just had so much fun - it's definitely a photoshoot I'll remember. 

I stayed overnight at a local hotel and we did Laura's viewing the next day. We designed a gorgeous 6in1 for her, in gold framing to go in her lounge once it's been newly decorated (the perks of having a wallpaper sample to hand on your viewing day!), and a gorgeous 20" frame of all three of them, too. 

Such a lovely shoot and I know how special these images are to Laura, and how much joy they will bring her for years to come. I can't wait to see them up on the wall when her new lounge is complete!

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