"I absolutely loved every minute of the experience! With not being all that confident in front of the camera, Imogen was totally understandable and got some gorgeous photos of us both in a completely natural way and they turned out as my favourites.

My favourite part was just seeing how Imogen interacted with Lula especially when we first arrived, Lula really enjoyed the morning and fell asleep immediately when she got in the car.

Honestly, the result was way better than I expected. I knew Imogen was a great photographer but with how wired Lula was, I really thought she’d look so derpy in all of them but they were all absolutely fantastic.

The final framed print is beyond gorgeous and I’ll be so proud to have it on my wall!

The images make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I look at them."

megan pepper

It was actually quite a grey and miserable day for this shoot - I must say though the soft overcast light really hits different in winter. It's super easy to work with and is just so flattering.

We met in my favourite little woodland spot in Shipley Country Park for this limited edition dog session. I love this time of year, it's full of hope that spring is near and the snowdrops are just starting to come out. In this particular section of the park, the snowdrops seem to spread further and further every year creating a beautiful blanket of white on the woodland floor in February.

Lula was very distracted by the squirrels - the one downside of getting into the park early before people have walked through and disturbed them all.

Listen, dogs aren't robots, they don't know that we're just trying to get a couple of images, so we have to work with them instead of getting frustrated.

To keep Lula a little more contained we used logs and walls to raise her off the ground. My squeaky balls were super handy here as she loves them so this kept her away from the squirrels for a couple minutes whilst we got the photo.

Regular breaks for a sniff worked well here too to keep her engaged, but in the end they both smashed it.

We finished off with some action shots - Megan took her down the path and I squeaked the ball to get her back to me. We then we did a quick couple shots of the two of them together to finish off. Megan wasn't too keen on being in the images initially but I know she was glad we did them once she saw them at the viewing.

We created a gorgeous frame of Megan's favourite image, which now sits pride of place at home.

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