Golden leaves, earlier sunsets, woolley jumpers... there are lots of reasons to love the outcome of a photoshoot in autumn. Here are the top 5 frequently asked questions when it comes to having your equine photoshoot in autumn.


1. What should I wear for my equine photoshoot in autumn?

Choosing what to wear for your equine photoshoot can feel a little puzzling. Autumn definitely boasts its own unique wardrobe. Think knitwear, long boots, tweed jackets and even skirts and tights. When choosing outfits, I always consider the time of year, the location, your horses coat colour and your individual style. 

The top tip I have here is to go with what makes you feel the most comfortable. What makes you feel like your best, most confident self? 

If you love dressing up, consider a tweed blazer/skirt combo, or even a knitted dress with tights. If dresses aren't your vibe, maybe choosing jeans and an autumnal coloured shirt would work best for you.

My clients tend to go for 3 different looks ranging from riding gear to smart casual and even long dresses if that's their thing. It really depends what they feel comfortable in. 


When you book with me, you'll receive a lovely printed welcome pack in the post which includes a comprehensive style guide packed with loads of seasonal inspiration. We will also have a chat about outfits during our design consultation call before your photoshoot. I can even help you pick outfits on the day if you'd like. 

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2. How can I prepare for my equine photoshoot in autumn?

I always recommend turning your horse out as if it were show day, no one wants poop stains and muddy white socks in their final gallery. It's up to you if you'd like to plait or not, most clients don't as they tend to have lots of images with their horses plaited up from shows. 

Clean all the tack you're wanting to use, especially your bridle and leather headcollar. Making sure that your horse's bit is sparkly clean (the devil is in the detail). Make sure your hair is clean and your nails are too. Little things like this will be picked up in the final images so it's best to get them sorted before your shoot.

It's always a good idea to pack fly spray (for early autumn) and maybe a cup of something warm to drink throughout your shoot for late autumn when it's starting to get abit chilly. 

After your design consultation call, I'll send you a photoshoot prep checklist. This tells you everything you'll need to do to prepare before your photoshoot, as well as what to bring with you on the day. 


3. What are the best poses for an equine photoshoot in autumn?

I don't find that poses are a seasonal thing, all poses tend to work all year round. It's the styling and location that give them their seasonal feel. However, one of my favourites for the autumn months is definitely the cuddly shots with your horse. I think it just captures the snuggly season of autumn so well. Here are a few examples below. 

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4. What time of day is best for an equine photoshoot in autumn?

Autumn definitely has the added benefit of earlier sunsets and later sunrises if you're wanting golden hour/pretty skies.

There's a huge difference in daylight times between the beginning and end of autumn, but basically it's always best to avoid shooting when the sun is at its highest. High sun can create tricky lighting conditions for portrait photography, so we always try to avoid this if the sun makes an appearance (11am - 1pmish in autumn). 

Obviously if it's an overcast day this doesn't matter too much, and you tend to get overcast days more frequently during autumn here in the UK. That being said, overcast is genuinely my favourite shooting condition - I feel it creates a gorgeous soft light, particularly in the colder months. 


5. What location is best for an equine photoshoot in autumn? 

I always recommend at least starting your photoshoot wherever your horse is stabled. This is where your horse is most comfortable, and it will help settle everyone into the shoot on the day. A lot of my clients spread their shoot across their home/livery yard, and then another location. For example, their favourite hacking spot in a local park or forest, or even a beach. This creates a lovely variety of images for your final gallery. Particularlt in autumn, a woodland is a huge hit. Nothing beats those glorious autumn colours on the trees.

There is no time limit during my shoots, this really is a once in a lifetime experience, so go for it and make sure you get all those lovely images you're dreaming of.

We will have a chat about this in our design consultation call where we start planning the finer details of your summer equine photoshoot. 

Do you want to see yourself in gorgeous autumnal images like these? Use the button below to get in touch and I'll give you a call.

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