Who said December wasn't pretty? 

We got a gorgeous misty morning in Leicestershire when I went to see Rachel and her gorgeous Dressage stallion Geofferey (the best name ever, right?!). 

He's a 7 year old Spanish stallion, and Rachel had just got back from competing in Europe a few days prior to our shoot. Geofferey was mid holiday, and I must say he was so well behaved I was pleasantly surprised. Talk about perfect temperament for breeding. Rachel took the time to plait him up and he even had pretty pink flowers in his mane - he was exceptionally well turned out. 

Rachel wanted some photos of him with her daughter (tell me how many stallions are so gentle to do this?!), as well of some of the two of them. We had great fun at their beautiful yard in Leicester and I really enjoyed going back a few weeks later to show her the images. 

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