"I was a little worried about having our photoshoot at home as the farm is not a ‘horse yard’ and I was worried it wasn’t tidy enough. The photoshoot went very smoothly though, much more straightforward than I had thought beforehand.

I was emotional at our in person viewing session, the results were better than I had anticipated, and yes I am more than happy with the final images, each horse shone for the camera.

My favourite part of the photoshoot was the different locations Imogen chose. I had requested photos in competition gear, as well as more casual. I'm so glad we did the casual ones as these are my favourites! When I look at my images I just have so much love for my horses. Goodness, it makes me see our bond."

- Beth Kerslake

When you meet a fellow chestnut lover, you just know it's going to be a good one!

I had so many lovely conversations with Beth throughout our time working together. In fact, I'm kind of sad the shoot is done now so I don't have an excuse to talk to her about how amazing chestnut horses are, or how much we love having horses and what they've taught us throughout life.

This shoot came as a welcome distraction for Beth, something to look forward to during a difficult time. There are so many reasons to have a photoshoot with your horse, but just having a couple hours to enjoy them and be in their company is as good as any. Our morning together was just that. A glorious few hours in the sunshine, having a laugh and a good chin wag!

We used three main locations for the shoot. The stable block (gorgeous white brick stables with black wooden doors), I know, I'm getting a reputation for this sort if location now! Beth didn't think they would be a good place for photos but we really loved the results here.

We found a gorgeous bush that was just flowering bright pink in the front garden of the farmhouse, rearranged the bench to be underneath, this and the surrounding areas made for location number 2.

Then to finish it off, we used the school, a safe space to get that all important photo of Beth with all 3 of her Chestnuts, and finish the shoot off with the more formal show attire images she had requested.

Her lovely daughter, Nia, and Nia's boyfriend, Zac, helped us get the horses prepared and looking stunning. They were all exceptionally well turned out for what was a very miserable, muddy March. Though we managed to land a very lovely sunny morning which we were all thrilled about, as this made their show stopping chestnut coats really gleam in the sunshine.

The oldest of the three horses, Lenny, is a 20 year old retired thoroughbred gelding. He is an ex racer who she actually sold a few years ago, but he ended up back with her and he will be living out his days on their family cow farm.

Vic is a 12 year old thoroughbred, he was also an ex racer and he's done point to points, team chasing, and hunting. They've learned so much together. Vic is living his best life doing some low level bits and bobs.

Zuri is Beth's latest addition to her great orange collection. She's a gorgeous 7 year old mare who she bought towards the end of last year for showjumping.

I know Beth's image of her with all 3 horses now sits pride of place in her home, it's going to be enjoyed for so many years to come. A reminder of a beautiful day spent with her horses, in her happy place.

A little reminder to you as well, whilst you're reading this.

It's okay to treat yourself and give yourself some time with your horse. It doesn't have to be ridden or competing. They help us through so much, give yourself permission to enjoy them. Get dressed up and capture your bond at home, enjoy their company. That's the whole reason we have our horse's in the first place.

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