In April this year I had a lovely shoot with Ellie and her mum, Vicky. 

Ellie's horse, Star, is a 12 year old gorgeous bay Irish sports horse. Ellie describes him as being a bit like a toddler, impatient and can't stand still, but very cute. I can confirm he is super cute, and actually he was a really good boy for his photoshoot.

Lincoln is Vicky's horse. She actually got him from Derby College Equestrian Centre (where Ellie used to work). He is a dark bay 12 year old warmblood cross. He was an absolute saint through the whole process. 

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Ellie has recently relocated to a yard on the edge of Shipley Country park, so we did a few photos on the yard then went and did some down the bridle path and into the park as well.

They wanted a mix of individual photos with their horse's, and some together, including a few of them riding as well. I think it's so lovely they share this hobby, it must be so lovely going for a ride with your mum.

I always encourage my clients to include other family members where possible. It's a once in a lifetime experience having a photoshoot like this, and I love it when my clients makes the most of it and get everyone involved! 

Ellie picked a gorgeous photo of her with Star and her dogs as her frame - I know she's put it up in her kitchen so she sees it every day. 

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