"Having my photo taken is something I am not at all comfortable with! Imogen has completely changed my mindset, I thoroughly enjoyed the photo shoot and I am absolutely thrilled with the beautiful framed photos now hanging in our home. 

Imogen is one super talented lady who has the ability to capture the essence of the relationship between the horses and myself I will cherish these photos.

Thank you Imogen."

jane critchley

How stunning are these three?!

Jane had a shoot on a pretty cold and grey day in the middle of January. This was my first shoot of 2024 and boy it got off to a good start!

Her two 4 year old dressage mares, Evie & Tara, are seriously gorgeous and quite frankly you'd have to be bonkers to disagree. Jane has got high hopes for these two, with Evie (dark bay/black) already smashing all her outings so far this year and gearing up for some championships later in the year.

Tara (bright bay) will have a quieter summer whilst she matures and grows up.

I'm really excited to follow both throughout this year!

It was a pretty cold January morning, so we kept it simple with outfits and just did coat changes which kept it smooth and kept Jane warm! Jane wanted some with each horse individually and then some of them both together (a little challenging with 2 mares, especially as Evie thinks she's the boss and would prefer it to be all about her!).

We started down towards the fields with Evie, then did a couple around the yard as well. Jane has a beautiful entrance to her barn which I couldn't help but use. I just loved the way it drops off to black creating a stunning studio style portrait.

We did a quick coat change and then did some with Tara in some similar locations. I liked to keep things moving pretty quickly as it was really quite cold, and most competition horses don't appreciate standing around for too long!

To finish off we use the barn entrance as the location to capture the image of all three of them.

We felt this would be the best way of preventing any arguments between the girls and keeping everyone safe.

Huge thanks to Sue for helping with this shot (and the rest of the shoot!) - she quickly handed Tara over and was there to take her back if needed.

We created a gorgeous 3 in 1 for Jane, which now hangs pride of place on her office wall so that everyone can see it during her zoom calls.

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