Juno, Loki & Poppy - a Dog Photo Shoot with Lunar Photography, Derbyshire

August 03, 2021  •  Leave a Comment
Juno, Loki & Poppy I had a photo shoot with these three lovely little dogs up in Wingerworth as a present for their mum, Steph. She had received a gift card from her sister for her birthday. We went to a lovely location down the road from their house, through a meadow and into some woods surrounded by a lovely field. The dogs had lots of fu...
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Storm, Baloo & Simba - A Dog Photo Shoot with Lunar Photography, Derbyshire

August 02, 2021  •  Leave a Comment
Storm, Baloo & Simba I had a photo shoot with these three lovely doggies after Lesley (their mum) won an auction to raise money for Sarah's Podencos. This is a charity I have worked with closely over the last few years. Due to covid it was a long time coming and it was lovely to finally meet them all. We did the photo shoot at a Pawz Let Lo...
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The Doggie Limited Edition Day - Lunar Photography, Dog Photographer in Derbyshire

August 02, 2021  •  Leave a Comment
The limited edition day is back! But this time it's especially for those crazy doggos out there! If you're looking for... Fun & vibrant images that truly capture the bond between you & your dog All natural images that don't look posed or awkward A beautiful frame ready to hang on your wall No waiting weeks and weeks to see your images A d...
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Izzy & Harry - An Equine Photo Shoot with Lunar Photography, Derbyshire

July 21, 2021  •  1 Comment
Izzy & Harry Me & Izzy teamed up after meeting through instagram in order to do my sizzling summer giveaway back in June. I don't often do giveaways, so I made this one really big, with the prize being worth over £850 and involving some really fabulous up & coming brands! I went over to Izzy's yard in Leicester where her loan pony, Harry, i...
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Jasmine & John - an Equine Photo Shoot with Lunar Photography, Derbyshire

July 14, 2021  •  Leave a Comment
Jasmine & John Just a little pre warning... this one is quite emotional. Jasmine contacted me wanting a photo shoot of her and her lovely cob gelding, John, after she found out he had sustained an injury which means he can't be ridden again. She has made the heartbreaking decision to give him the summer, and then say goodbye. Jasmine want...
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Kitty & Squiffy - An Equine Photo Shoot With Lunar Photography Derbyshire

July 09, 2021  •  Leave a Comment
Kitty & Squiffy I went down to London last month to do a photo shoot for these two - and I have to say Squiffy is the best name for a pony I've ever come across. He is the cutest, and it was a pleasure photographing his & Kitty's bond. They're stabled on a lovely friendly yard next door to Ham Polo Club (if you didn't know that's where the...
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Practical Horse Company - A Business Photo Shoot With Lunar Photography, Debryshire

July 06, 2021  •  Leave a Comment
Practical Horse Company We had our photo shoot at a lovely yard in the village of Eyam - Molly herself was the model, and we used their 3 lovely horses to show off their fab range of riding leggings & bridles. These lovely ladies are a Mother and Daughter team who have noticed a huge increase in competition equine stores and a reduction in...
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Katie, Miffy, Red & Tilly - An Equine Photo Shoot With Lunar Photography, Derbyshire

June 28, 2021  •  Leave a Comment
Katie, Miffy, Red & Tilly This was actually my second photo shoot with Katie & her lovely horses. We did one last year on my limited edition day, so it was lovely to see her again. The photo shoot took place on the yard they're stabled at in Foston, Derbyshire. Katie enjoys dressage and showjumping with her horses, and has recently become a...
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Shireen, Jazz, Pie & Arty - An Equine Photoshoot with Lunar Photography, Derbyshire

June 17, 2021  •  Leave a Comment
Shireen, Jazz, Pie & Arty I have been photographing at Shireen's clinics for the last year or so now, so it was lovely to go to her yard and see behind the scenes and meet her lovely two horses & dog. Jazz & Pie are both thoroughbreds, and in Shireen's words, a little "spicy"! Arty, her lovely dog, gacve us the best zoomies display I coul...
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Idyllwild Horsemanship - A Business Photo Shoot With Lunar Photography, Derbyshire

June 04, 2021  •  Leave a Comment
Idyllwild Horsemanship Kim from Idyllwild horsemanship booked a photo shoot with me for her lovely nottinghamshire based business in May. She wanted some professional imagery for her marketing materials and social media channels. Kim coaches natural horsemanship, with a mission to help horses and their people form harmonious and balanced re...
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